Flexo Printing Machine

                Flexo Printing Machine

                1.?Water-based ink is pre-printed on the face paper, which can greatly improve the printing quality and carry out?large-format and multi-color printing.

                2. The production efficiency is high, and it is more suitable for large quantities of long-edition movement.

                3. Accurate horizontal and vertical sleeve quasi-ability?can?meet the needs of high-quality printing, stable and accurate tension control system.

                4. The standard is fully automatic and provides continuous printing control.

                5. Accurately configured?flash detection system detects?the printing color and the setting effect, drying ability, infrared and blow drying from time to time.

                6. The machine can expand the space indefinitely to realize the functions of non-stop Machine collection and release, material dust removal, paper pretreatment and automatic overprinting.